specht custom guitars

Welcome to Specht Guitars, the home of tone! One of Nanaimo’s best guitar techs, luthier Oliver Specht has been making and repairing guitars for over 20 years and has earned a reputation as both a fine instrument maker and restorer. Specht Guitars are known for their quality of design, tone, and playability.

The careful selection of materials, custom approach to design, and excellence in craftsmanship are evident both in seeing and hearing these beautiful instruments. One of the specialties that has emerged in Oliver’s work over the decades has been his love of unique guitars; parlor, terz, and especially, the baritone.

Check out some audio samples and pictures of the deep, rich sounding baritones. If you have an instrument that needs some attention, or are interested in purchasing an instrument that’s custom built for you, please peruse the site and send me a message from our contact page.

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Some services are available that may not be listed below. Contact me to set up a consultation about your guitar needs.


Pickups – installation/wiring

Tone knobs


Official Bartolini Installer


Custom Design

Unique Customer-Tailored Designs

Creative Wood Combos for Tone

Built To Your Specs




Neck Adjustment

Fret Dressing

French Polish

Bridge + Nut Work

Pretty Much Anything!